Next year's schedule

The 2017-2018 schedule will be posted on or before Wednesday February 01, 2017 in preparation for registration in March 2017. We hope to be at the same (or similar) locations with a similar schedule as before.
  • Returning customers may begin enrolling Wednesday March 01, 2017 @ 6:00 AM. (You are a returning customer if you have used nJoy Science before.)
  • New customers may begin enrolling Wednesday March 08, 2017 @ 6:00 AM.

Weather cancellation policy

If there is bad weather (snow/ice/hurricanes/etc) on class day, generally speaking, we will close when the schools close. Please check with this webpage before coming to class in case we specifically override this general rule, in which case a note will be placed here to that effect. The following schools are used as our general rule for closing (not delays or releases):

When we do close, the make up class day will be posted on our "Where and When" page. These make up classes are usually when we would be doing our Spring Break.

What we offer 2016-2017

Elementary classes
 Discovering God's World (typically 6 - 8 yrs) $220.00*
 nJoy General Science (typically 9 - 11 yrs) $220.00*
Middle and high school
 Apologia General Science (typically 12 - 13 yrs) $265.00*
 Algebra I (typically 13 - 16 yrs) $350.00*
 Apologia Physical Science (typically 13 - 15 yrs) $265.00*
 Apologia Biology (typically 14 - 18 yrs) $320.00*
 Apologia Chemistry (typically 15 - 18 yrs) $320.00*
 Earth & Environmental Science (typically 15 - 18 yrs) $320.00*

* prices do not include $17 location fee, or any discounts for early registration and multiple registrations