Lesson Outline

Lesson Outline: Scientific Invention and Design

General Science and Discovering God's World

This year we will cover a wide range of the inventions that influence our life today. We will look at some of the scientists involved. We will look at parallel examples of God's design in nature. We will look at some of the materials developed along with the inventions. We will encourage the children to be inventive thinkers.

If you wish, there is much potential for extending this science curriculum into history studies of the people and time periods that tie in with the science.  We will provide you with some relevant dates and names each lesson. We highly recommend constructing a timeline at home. This can be as simple as several sheets of paper with a line along the top, or you could make a larger one with poster board to hang on the wall.  Several sheets of poster or foam board can be hinged to create a large fold away timeline. Sonlight curriculum offer a very nice timeline book that can be added to for many years.

After each lesson a follow up "handout" will be posted online. This will contain an overview of what we covered in the lesson and provide you with suggestions for further follow up activities at home. You can also refer to the reading list through out the year.

If you would like to see an overview of how we cover science topics over the three year nJoy General Science cycle and on through middle school  click  here.

Download the printable lesson outline