nJoy Science Elementary Orientation

Apologia parent and student information and responsibilities

First Lesson

The time and date for the first lesson can be found on our locations page by clicking on the location that you are attending. Please read the first chapter of the book before the first class. If your book hasn't arrived, you can find it as the sample chapter on the Apologia website

What to bring to class

All students:

  • A notebook with perforated pages.
  • Pencil or pen.


  • 30 copies of the the drawing form for the year. Bring 4 to each lesson.



Home school responsibilities

The student must read the chapter before class and do the "On your own" sections. There are also problems with each module and a solution guide for you to test the student at home. The classes are mainly lab classes, where we help the students to do the experiments from the book. However we do teach the concepts of the chapter as well. 


We will grade the lab work by assigning your student to do a short lab report on every experiment that they do. The final grade that you will award at the end of the year will come from a 65% / 35% breakdown between the tests that you grade at home and lab reports that we grade. There is a grading spreadsheet that you can use at the end of the year to help you calculate the final grade. We suggest you print it out at the beginning of the year as a way of recording the grades when we return the students lab report. Please keep track of the lab report grades as the year goes by so that you have them at the end of the year. We do not keep the grades for you.

Lab reports

We like the students to turn in a lab report with the following sections to it:

  • Name
  • Heading
  • Purpose (Brief one liner)
  • Method
  • Results (What you notice. For biology a drawing form)
  • Conclusion (Understanding)

We will explain this to the student in the first class. We will provide them with the Heading, Purpose and Method which they copy down in class before doing the experiment. The Result and Conclusion is their chance to express themselves, and we will prompt their thinking with suitable questions.

The student can take their notes home and clean them up ready to be handed in the following lesson. They do not need to type them up on a computer, although they may if they want to. We follow Dr Wile's grading recommendation for grading:

A : 90 - 100 %
B : 80 - 89 %
C : 70 - 79 %

Lab report extra information

We have an entire page on the website with some specific help for lab reports.

Lab schedule

This is available on the website, from the what we offer page, select your subject and then click on "lab and reading schedule".

We follow the book for the experiments but deviate from the book when an experiment needs to be redesigned for a class setting. For instance if the book has an experiment that is to be done in a bathtub at home, we modify that to use a large bowl. Sometimes we change an experiment based on experience of what works best for a class setting, and we have also replaced the use of Sodium Hydroxide from the experiments that use it, for safety reasons. Sometimes we may change the order of the experiments to suit our schedule. We have 15 lessons to cover 16 chapters, and so we warn students to use the Christmas break to do a double chapter reading assignment.

Take home experiments

Biology, Physical Science and General Science sometimes have experiments that we send home with the student, such as where they grow something, for example a bean. We provide the materials. Physical Science students have a month long weather observation project to be done over the Christmas break which requires a few moments each day to observe the weather.

Apologia related questions

The courses are designed to get the student ready for college. Have a look at our articles on science credits, and college preparation.

Adverse weather

If there is adverse weather and classes need to be postponed, we place a message on the website home page to that effect. Most churches operate according to the local school closings, especially if the church operates a school on campus.

World view

When science and religion intersect, we maintain a Biblical viewpoint.


This is your home school, and so you are accountable to the Dept. of Education for proper attendance. We trust your judgment on when a student needs to be absent for whatever reason. If you'd like to do a make up lesson we may be able to accommodate that request, if you contact us in time for us to include you in another class that week in the area.


You can find our contact information on the contact page. We're often out of the office teaching, and prefer email contact as a result. Also, emails allow for a record of the conversation, and are received at the computer where all our records are kept.

Buying and selling books

Click here for details.

Class and host rules

The rules are listed here