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Physical Science - Weather project

The following scale was designed by Admiral Francis Beaufort as an easy to use way of estimating the wind speed. For the Physical Science Weather project, you're interested in the "Effects on land" column. To find wind direction, one can drop a leaf and see which way it gets blown, or wet a finger and see which side is coolest, which would be the side from where the wind is blown. To find out where North is, enter your address in Google Maps, and by studying the satellite picture of your house, you will be able to see where North is. For maximum and minimum temperatures and pressures, you can go to Weather Underground, enter in your Zip Code, and then look up the History for yesterday.

The Beaufort scale

No. Knots mph Description Effects at sea Effects on land
0 0 0mph Calm Sea like a mirror. Smoke rises vertically.
1 1-3 1-3mph Light air. Ripples, but no foam crests. Smoke drifts in the wind.
2 4-6 4-7mph Light breeze. Small wavelets. Leaves rustle. Wind felt on face.
3 7-10 8-12mph Gentle breeze. Large wavelets crests, not breaking. Small twigs in constant motion. Light flags extended.
4 11-16 13-18mph Moderate wind. Numerous whitecaps Dust, leaves and loose paper raised. Small branches move
5 17-21 19-24mph Fresh wind. Many whitecaps, some spray. Small trees sway.
6 22-27 25-31mph Strong wind. Larger waves form. Whitecaps everywhere. More spray. Large branches move. Whistling in phone wires. Difficult to use umbrellas.
7 28-33 32-38mph Very strong wind. White foam from breaking waves begins to be blown in streaks. Whole trees in motion.
8 34-40 39-46mph Gale. Edges of wave crests begin to break into spindrift. Twigs break off trees. Difficult to walk.
9 41-47 47-54mph Severe gale. High waves. Sea begins to roll. Spray may reduce visibility. Chimney pots and slates removed.
10 48-55 55-63mph Storm. Very high waves with overhanging crests. Blowing foam gives sea a white appearance. Trees uprooted. Structural damage.
11 56-63 64-72mph Severe storm. Exceptionally high waves. Widespread damage.
12 63 73mph Hurricane force. Air filled with foam. Sea completely white. Visibility greatly reduced. Widespread damage. Very rarely experienced on land.