Resumption of classes - COVID19 lockdown

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January 28, 2020

Dear Fellow Home Schoolers,

15 years ago we established nJoy Science in order to meet a critical need within the home school movement, by offering hands on science classes. Over the years, the home school laws in North Carolina have changed to allow more choices for home schoolers, and educational institutions have reached out to the home school community in various ways, plus there has been the introduction of online classes. All of these have alleviated the original pressure that home schoolers felt with science classes. In spite of this we are still honored by strong support for our classes. The question we've been asking the LORD, is "Has nJoy Science fulfilled the purpose that it was created for?"

After years of prayerfully doing one year at a time, we have come to the place where we feel that this is the right time to move on in our journey with the LORD. nJoy Science was never about making money, but a service to the LORD. We have been able to serve over four thousand home school students in total, which is quite an amazing thing, looking back on it all.

It's been a time of learning, sacrifice and spritual growth for us, and we're ready to continue with the challenge of responding to the ultimate call of discipleship mentioned at the end of the gospels of Matthew and Mark. The command Jesus gave the disiples was a recursive one, that has not been revoked, and thus we feel the relevance of this to our lives. We were particularly impacted by this truth shared with us in August of 2018, at a training camp run by an evangelistic group called The Last Reformation, with whom we may have more to do, depending on how the LORD leads us in the coming months. We'd also love to be able to go back to Africa to spend some time with family, which is something precious that we have sacrificed all these years.

Ending these classes has been a difficult decision, that has taken years of consideration. I know many of you will be disappointed, but at the same time, happy to release us to progress in our journey as fellow Christians.

We'd like to thank all of you for your support over the last 15 years, for your friendships, and the way that you have honored us as you have. You are a precious group of people!

The Hawkins family