nJoy Science Elementary Orientation

Elementary student information and responsibilities


Each year we have a different theme on a 3 year rotation, so if you come back next year we will be doing a fresh course. We provide a number of resources to support your child's science studies. These are optional and allow for each family to choose what works best for them.


Classes are held every 2 weeks, except for breaks over December and in Spring. The first half of the lesson is a slide show enhanced teaching session followed by a hands-on section where your student is given something to do, and often something to take home. The lesson outline allows you to keep track of what topic we will study each class. In class we will teach about the relevant topic with audio visual aids and the children will do hands on activities.
Encourage your children to tell you what they have learned after class. This should not be as a type of test or examination – but as a spontaneous narration of the points that caught their interest. “Telling back” is a very effective way of fixing information in our minds.

At home

The booklist details several texts that you may buy, if you wish, to be used throughout the year for additional reading about each topic. In addition it details other books that may be bought, borrowed from the library or accessed online in relation to each lesson. Reading schedules will be included in each lessons handout (see below)

A handout is posted on our website on the Monday of each new week of classes. This contains:
  • a summary the information that we will be teaching in class
  • follow up information about the projects we will do in class.
  • a reading schedule for that lesson.
  • a list of relevant vocabulary.
  • ideas of additional activities that you can do at home.
  • a list of relevant websites to visit.


The time and date for the first lesson can be found on our locations page by clicking on the location that you are attending.

Your guest day

We may invite you to attend one of the lessons this year. We do this to let you see what we do. If you'd like to help out with the lesson, we may ask you to hand out things during the hands on section, and help students who may have difficulty doing things like operate a pair of scissors. We will contact you about your guest day by email, and work with you to find a suitable day for you (or other guardian).

Adverse weather

If there is adverse weather and classes need to be postponed, we place a message on the website home page to that effect. Most churches operate according to the local school closings, especially if the church operates a school on campus.

World view

When science and religion intersect, we maintain a Biblical viewpoint.


This is your home school, and so you are accountable to the Dept. of Education for proper attendance. We trust your judgement on when a student needs to be absent for whatever reason. If you'd like to do a make up lesson we may be able to accommodate that request, if you contact us in time for us to include you in another class that week in the area.


You can find our contact information on the contact page. We're often out of the office teaching, and prefer email contact as a result. Also, emails allow for a record of the conversation, and are received at the computer where all our records are kept.

Buying and selling books

We are aware of these local sources for home school materials:

  1. The home school classifieds - massive resource for buying and selling books
  2. The home school room - second hand home school book store

Otherwise there are the internet stores such as Rainbow Resource Center and the general book stores such as Amazon amongst others.

Class rules

The rules are listed here