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See Africa for yourself

When we came to America, some people asked us whether we grew up swinging from trees in the jungles of Africa. Those sorts of images were probably the result of Tarzan movies. The real Africa is mostly not jungle, mostly grassland and desert. Not everyone in Africa is poor and living in a tribal situation. There are cities in Africa, Universities, Hospitals, Nuclear Power stations, Sports Arena’s and even McDonalds. To give you an idea of the Africa we know, we thought you might like to visit some of Africa’s scenes from space via Google Maps. To start with, did you know that Egypt is in Africa? We had a friend who disagreed with us, and said Egypt is not African. Egypt is in North Africa, and is one of Africa’s 53 countries. Africa is not a country as some seem to think either. Neither are African’s all “black” people. For instance, North Africa is mostly Arab. Then there are the Afrikaans people who are “white” and have lived in Africa for hundreds of years. By the way, we are not Afrikaners, we are Africans of British decent as are our parents and some of our grandparents are. South Africa has a large “Indian” population. So, just like America, Africa is full of all sorts of different people, and all sorts of regions, climates and cultures. Today's world has all sorts of people living together all over.

Africa from satellite..

The entire continent with it's 53 separate sovereign states (includes Madagascar and Island groups)

The Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Victoria Falls Largest Waterfalls (Zimbabwe/Zambia border)

Nile Delta (and Suez canal on right) (Egypt)

Kilimanjaro Extinct Volcano (Kenya)

Lake Victoria Source of the White Nile.

Big hole of Kimberly (Old Diamond mine. South Africa)

ABSA stadium (South Africa - home of Sharks Rugby team)

University of Kwazulu-Natal (The historic portion of our university campus. Established 1910 by the British - South Africa)

Cape Town harbor - first used in 1652.

Coal terminal at Richard's Bay (South Africa).

Koeberg Nuclear Power station (South Africa)

Vredefoort Dome (Prehistoric asteroid impact site) (South Africa)

Makgadikgadi salt pans (Botswana)

Great Zimbabwe ruins (Prehistoric Zimbabwe)

Kariba Dam wall (Zimbabwe)

TauTona Gold Mine (South Africa) Deepest mine in the world (2.4 miles)

Gauteng Home to 12 million South Africans and the Gold Industry

Prince Edward Islands South Africa's most southern territory

Entebbe Airport (Uganda) Location of the Israeli operation Entebbe during Idi Amin's reign.

Shipwreck (Beira Mozambique)

Groote Schuur Hospital (Cape Town, SA) Where the first human heart transplant took place

St Mary's church (Axum Ethiopia) Dates back to the 4th century

Zanzibar Famous Arabic trading center on the East Coast (Zanjibar in Aribic)

Timbuktu (Mali) One of the most remote towns

Hottest place on Earth 57.8°C (136°F) Aziziya (Libya)

Coldest place in Africa -24°C (-11°F) Ifrane (Morocco)