Apologia Physics


Algebra I, Geometry; basic Trigonometry functions

Class Description

Classes meet 15 times (roughly every 2 weeks) over the course of the school year.

This is a laboratory course based on Apologia Curriculum. The class covers all the laboratory work required. Students complete their studies by reading and taking tests at home. The home school is responsible for taking and grading the module tests. We are available to help students with specific questions before and after lessons, and via email.

General Guidelines


Apologia's textbooks are divided into 16 modules. See above links for lab and reading schedules.

Our Suppliers List details a number of vendors for the required book.

Each student should have completed the stated modules before coming to class. We suggest taking the module tests after the lab classes.

Your student will do all the experiments in class, except for some take home experiments that cannot be done in class. We provide the materials and equipment for the experiments.

Lab reports

Students will be guided through the experiments, and shown how to write up their lab reports. The lab reports are turned in for grading at the following lesson. For more detailed information on lab reports, click here


We will grade the students' lab reports. The final course grade should be based on 35% lab grade + 65% module test results. Your home school is responsible for taking and grading the module tests, and for awarding the final grade. For more on grading click here.


All students should bring the following to class, in addition to their textbook:

  • A notebook with perforated pages.
  •  Pen and pencil
  •  Ruler
  •  A scientific calculator (a graphing calculator is not necessary - just a simple scientific calculator with exponents and square root functions)