COVID-19 response

Updated May 27th, 2020

The thing that has been holding us back from completing the course has been the restrictions on our labs, which are done in teams sharing our limited equipment. When these Governors release us to get back to normal, we plan to blitz the remaining classes perhaps in one day, per subject, with back to back labs. This means, please make sure your students have completed reading the book, and done all the tests, in preparation for when we can proceed with the remaining labs. Once the Governors release us, and there is a church to host us, we will advise you on the day that we will do these back to back intensive lab classes.

Updated May 22, 2020

NC Governor Cooper released the following press release: As Key Indicators Remain Stable, North Carolina Moves to Safer At Home Phase 2 which begins Friday, May 22 at 5 pm, where he states.. "Mass gathering limits in Phase 2 will be no more than 10 people indoors or 25 people outdoors in most circumstances. These limits apply to the following: event venues; conference centers; stadiums and sports arenas; amphitheaters; and groups at parks or beaches."

Resuming our classes is dependent upon the hosts allowing us back, and with that in mind, read the following update..

Updated May 20th, 2020

We've contacted our church hosts to ask when they'd be willing to invite us back, and generally speaking, they are still waiting for the lockdown restrictions to be lifted. Covenant Church in Harrisburg told us that they would only be hosting us when they are able to return to normal worship services. Sardis Baptist said that they are waiting for the Governor to release the restricitons, and that they also have road works outside the church that are restricting access to their building. Calvary Chapel Fort Mill, have told us that we may return as soon as the restrictions have been reduced. At this time Calvary Chapel are hosting drive-in church, and have not yet returned to normal church activities.

Generally speaking, it seems that once these churches are back to normal, they will invite us back. At that time, yet unknown, we plan on offering our few remaining classes in an intensive manner, with back to back classes, either all in one day, or over the period of a week, depending on which course it is. One of these churches also warned us that we would have to also work around competing summer camps for avaiability. Depending on when we get our first opportunity to return, we could look at inviting all the other students from other locations to the first available location.

Updated April 26th, 2020

We continue to monitor Governor Cooper's press releases for information on when we will be allowed to return to classes, as are we monitoring the statements made by Governor McMaster. Governor Cooper's April 23rd press release is of particular interest, wherein he states restrictions in phase one that are prohibitive to our classes. We have classes with over 10 students in them and where students work together in pairs seated close together. The conditions prescribed under phase two are more accurate of our needs, and so it seems that is what we will have to wait for. When these phases begin will depend on data gathered from testing of virus cases, according to the Governor. So, at this stage, we are obliged to wait until the Governor releases the restrictions that are on us.

When the respective Governor announces the date for Phase 2, then we will contact the current host churches to get permission to resume classes with a revised schedule. We have your interests at heart.

The nature of lab classes and hands on classes, is that they cannot be completed online.

Middle and High school students should proceed through the course by reading the book, and doing the execises and tests related to the book. If anyone has questions related to the text book they are welcome to call us for telephonic or email based support. (We won't be going anywhere, except to the store!)

Elementary classes should make use of the online handouts and reading lists. There is lots of material in the handouts for the children to compile a lap book related to our current studies. If you need something to do, take advantage of this.