nJoy General Science Elementary

We also offer "Apologia General Science" , but this page is about "nJoy General Science", which is especially designed by us, for this age group, with an emphasis on hands on learning. Not sure which "General Science" you need?

Class Description

Science at  this age should inspire the children to explore and discover the world around them, expose them to scientific terms and ideas and build a positive and confident foundation for future years of more formal scientific study.

We have designed our nJoy curriculum to run on a 3 year cycle. Each year has an overall theme to tie it all together.

This will be year 2 year of the three year rotation. The theme for this year is: "Inventions". We will cover a wide range of the inventions that influence our life today. We will look at some of the scientists involved. We will look at parallel examples of God's design in nature. We will look at some of the materials developed along with the inventions. We will encourage the children to be inventive thinkers.

See topics covered for more details

Note: The theme for the younger Discovering God's World class and the older nJoy General Science class is the same, so that families can study together. However, the information and activities are adapted to the abilities of the two different age groups.

A student who has completed our three year cycle and the two middle school years of Apologia curriculum will have had a very thorough science exposure and be well prepared for middle and high school science.

We provide an online "handout" after each lesson. The handout explains what we covered in the lesson and makes suggestions for further optional study or activities at home.

We provide a reading list from which you can pick titles for optional additional reading.