Environmental Science Grading

We recommend that your home school awards the grade for the course according to the following guidelines:

  • Some aspects of the course will receive a grade according to the student's understanding and quality of work – this is the test results and lab reports.

  • The home school is responsible to administer and grade the tests. Chapter tests are included in the text book. We recommend studying for the test by doing the “self test” with an open book as a study guide. Then take the test “properly” with the answers covered, or on a copy of the test page, for the chapter test.

  • Njoy Science will provide an end of year test paper. The questions will be based on the end of chapter tests and in text questions from the text book

  • Njoy Science will grade lab reports, but the home school must keep an ongoing record of these lab grades. Njoy science does not keep a record of the grades.

  • The remainder of the grade will be given just for completion of required assignments, this would be article summaries, and the supplementary reader. In this case, provided the required task is completed timeously and with reasonable application, the full credit will be awarded by the home school.

Throughout the year, in order to keep track of the grades awarded for labs and tests, you can make use of our printable grading table which is available by clicking here.


In Summary:

Work Completed % of Final Grade Supervised by
Reading of text as measured by chapter test grades 38% Tests administered and graded by home school
End of Year exam 10% Test paper provided by nJoy Science. Administered and graded by home school
Lab reports & 3 at home assignments 35% Graded by nJoy Science. Records kept by home school.
Completion of 22 article summaries 11% Completion checked by home school
Reading of the book “Tending to Eden” 5% Completion checked by home school