Frequently Asked Questions


Can we join halfway through the year?

Yes, as long as we have space in the class. Fees will be prorated according to how much of the school year has passed. Top

Do we have to stay on campus?

We don't require parents to remain on campus while the student is in the classroom. Once the lesson is over, elementary aged children must be picked up at the classroom by the parent/legal guardian. Students are not allowed to loiter on campus. Top

What size are the classes?

We usually require a minimum of 6 students to run a class and we limit class sizes to 25 or 27 depending on the size of the classroom. The actual class size could be anywhere between these ranges. Top

What is the teacher student ratio?

We always have a teacher and an assistant in the classroom. Sometimes we have two assistants in the case of elementary classes, and often a parent hepler. Top

What textbook / homework is available for elementary students?

Elementary classes are based upon our own material. We publish a "handout" for parents to accompany the lesson, so that parents can do extra projects and study outside of the lesson between classes. Perhaps one day these handouts will be published as a book, but at this time, there is no one prescribed book for the elementary classes. We provide a list of wonderful books including several that can be used as a base text throughout the year if desired. These books are optional and not mandatory. Top

Can parents sit in on elementary classes?

Yes, provided there is space, which there usually is. Top

When can we see next year's schedule and sign up?

We publish the next year's schedule in mid January. Sign up begins March 1st for existing customers and March 8th for new customers. Top

Will I get a place?

If you sign up in March, you usually get a place, after that a few of the classes start filling up, depending on which class and which location. Top

What happens if I am placed on the waiting list?

We monitor the classes to see when space opens up. Usually this happens if someone changes their plans having signed up in Spring, but by Summer they have decided on a different path, or if at the last minute before classes start, a similar decision is made. Sometimes mid way through the year people move, or something happens and space can open up after classes start. If space does open up, we will invite you by email to accept the place should you still wish to by then. Top

Do you offer refunds?

If we are not able to place your student, you will be refunded. A request to withdraw from class that occurs within 10 days of nJoy Science receiving payment will be refunded in full. After that period, a 50% refund is awarded, as long as the request occurs at least a month before classes start, thereafter no refund is given. Alternatively, if you are considering returning next year, any moneys paid towards the cancelled class could be made available on request for next year's application.

Lab classes require advanced planning, budgeting and often your acceptance will cause other potential students to not find a seat in class. For these reasons we have developed the refund policy. It is common for education institutions to have similar refund restrictions or a no refund policy. Top

Do you offer discounts and payment plans?

All families with two or more siblings registering will be given a discount on the total depending on how many students register: 2 students 5%, 3 students 7%, 4 students 9%. In addition, a 10% discount is given for those paying ahead in full during March. Our credit card processing service (Paypal) offers financing plans.
(If you cannot see the Paypal financing advert next to this answer, please check to see whether you have any advert blocking software running in your browser, and if so, disable it for the njoyscience website.) Top

What if we miss a class?

If you'd like to do a make up lesson with us, we may be able to accommodate your student at another location that same week when we do the same lesson elsewhere, depending on whether there is space in that other class. Contact us just to confirm before showing up unexpectedly at the alternative location.

If your student is taking one of the Apologia courses, they need to keep abreast of the reading schedule. If you decide to do the missed labwork at home (the book is designed for that), you are welcome to do a lab report for the experiments listed in the book and turn it in for grading as usual. You can see what experiments we did in class by looking at the module and lab schedule

The bottom line is that the home school is responsible to the Department of Education for the student's activities, and nJoy Science is merely a service to the home school.


Can my advanced 5 yr old enroll?

Our age restriction on 5 year olds is less accademic and more based upon their ability to sit still and listen for a half hour lesson and be able to use things like scissors correctly. Usually a child develops these skills by the time that they are 6 years old. Top

When is my nJoy General Science student ready to do Apologia General Science?

nJoy General Science is a course designed to motivate elementary students to enjoy science, and to give the home school teacher plenty of opportunities to involve themselves in their student's education. It's very open ended allowing for a low stress learning by discovery path suited to those curious years in elementary school. Apologia General Science is a more formal introductory course designed to expose the student to the formal study of science. We find that boys enjoy nJoy Science through their 11th year, and girls through their 12th year before they grow out of the projects. 12 year olds are generally ready to start taking a formal science course like Apologia General Science. Apologia General Science involves reading and comprehension, doing lab work and end of module tests. Top

What do we do if we miss a lab class?

If possible, we might be able to accommodate you at another location that same very week. If not, then you could do the lab work at home, by using the text book as a guide. You could write up a lab report based upon the procedure described in the book. We would be happy to grade that lab report for you, or you could grade it at home. We leave that to your discretion as a home school. Top