In order to help protect a positive learning environment for your student, we have listed the following points that we would like you to take note of.

Home School Law

You, as a home school teacher, are the primary teacher of your child, and nJoy Science is a service that you are using to enhance the education of your students. nJoy Science is not a school. Your home school is the school. For subjects where grades are awarded, such as Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry, the final grade will be awarded by the home school.  (See Department of Education definition of "home school" for further details)

Middle and High School Study and Preparation

The Apologia courses are designed with lab work, academic study and testing. Please make sure that your student is completing the reading and exercises in the text book. It is the home school's responsibility to conduct and grade the tests specified in the Apologia test and solutions book. nJoy Science will grade any lab work that is submitted for grading, and this will be used by the home school to compile the final grade awarded by the home school. It is essential that the student keep their lab reports so that the final grade can be compiled. See the grading section for more details on how the final grade can be compiled.

Elementary class homework

The elementary classes are not meant to be academically burdensome, but rather stimulating and fun. However, we do publish a lesson "handout" each lesson for you to work on at home between lessons. It is there as a guide in case you need some ideas on what to do at home between lessons.

Student Behavior

We expect your home school students to behave well, specifically:

  • Come ready to learn, with a teachable spirit, and participate when expected to do so.

  • Be respectful of the teacher and listen to the teacher at all times.

  • No talking or note passing, when the teacher is speaking.

  • No interrupting the lesson with distracting behavior.

  • No calling out in the midst of a lesson. Raise your hand for permission to speak.

  • Be respectful of other students.

  • Be respectful of the facilities being used.

  • Be respectful of equipment being used and of other people's property.

  • Be punctual and remain in class until the lesson ends unless otherwise excused.

  • No eating food in class.

  • Damage to the facilities, lab equipment, or any other property not belonging to the student will be the responsibility of the home school.

  • No electronic devices to be used in lessons other than a calculator. Specifically:

    • Cell/smart phones must be turned off

    • No texting during the lesson

    • No electronic games

    • No cameras or recording devices of any kind

    • No listening to music in the lesson

    • No laptops/notebooks/tablets. (Unnecessary in a lab class, and a distraction to others.)

    • No electronic gadgetry apart from a calculator. (You may use the calculator function on your phone as a calculator if you so choose.)


There will be no exceptions to these rules, all students will be expected to observe these rules.

Medical Conditions

If your student has a special medical condition (such as asthma or diabetes), please make sure that they have the necessary medical supplies with them. nJoy Science does not have a comprehensive first aid kit and we are not trained to deal with medical emergencies ourselves.

Dress Code

Students should dress modestly and neatly for class. "Not too tight, not too short, not too low, not sloppy"


No knives, guns or weapons of any sort are allowed in class or on the campus.

Communication and email

Please monitor your email from us, and make sure that our email is not being removed by your email junk filters. We communicate with parents from time to time by email as a primary method of communication. We monitor our email daily. If you need an email provider that does a good job of getting rid of unwanted emails for you, we recommend Gmail.

Elementary age class volunteers

Depending on class size, you may be asked to volunteer, in rotation with other parents, to assist in the class that your child is taking.

Student disciplinary issues

nJoy Science is not a school, and does not have the power to conduct detention and other forms of discipline. Therefore we are expecting you to enforce the discipline at home, especially since this is home schooling. To do that we will give you feedback via email of any issues that may arise in your absence. We do have a teacher and an assistant in the classes, and so reported issues are usually witnessed by two nJoy Science representatives and we usually cross check ourselves to make sure that we are accurately reporting the issue to you. We find that most home-schoolers appreciate these rules and are grateful for any feedback concerning disciplinary issues. These rules are here to ensure that the majority of well behaved students have a protected and orderly learning environment. It is the testimony of most students that they enjoy our classes. 

Facilities rules

  • Students must not loiter unattended around the premises before and after lessons.

  • You are responsible for the behavior and safety of your students outside of the classroom.

  • Apart from classroom use, you may not use any other of the host facilities unless they specifically allow it:

  • Any damage caused to the facility by a student will be the responsibility of the home school.

  • Crossroads Church

    1. There is a bathroom available to you.

    2. A waiting room is available for your use. Please leave it clean.

    3. You are welcome to use the church Cafe as long as it is not being used to host a church meeting.

    4. Please enter through the door next to the Cafe at the side of the building.

    5. Please do not drop of students at the front door of the church as it blocks traffic.

    6. Please don't park in the blue access ramp area by the Cafe as it blocks access for wheel chairs.

    7. Please stay away from the preschool area, which is on the opposite side of the building to the Cafe.

  • Church of Christ at Gold Hill Road

      1. Please enter the building through the doors at the back of the building.

      2. A waiting room adjacent to the classroom is available for your use. Please leave it clean

  • Harvest Baptist Church

    1. You may use the play ground and picnic areas. Play at your own risk.

    2. The bathroom in the church is available.

    3. Please don't come to classes by going through the church building.

    4. A waiting room is usually available for your use. Please leave it clean.

  • Lakeside Presbyterian

    1. There is a bathroom available to you.

    2. You may use the playground. Play at your own risk.

    3. A waiting room adjacent to the main classroom is available. Please leave it clean.

  • Sardis Baptist Church

    1. No playing around on the lawn in front of the main church building.

    2. There is a field next to the church where you can play. Play at your own risk.

    3. Please note and adhere to the age restriction on the preschool fenced playing area. Play at your own risk.

    4. No riding skate boards or bikes outside of the class room on the veranda or on the road immediately behind the classroom.

    5. There is a bathroom facility in the children's education facility (where we hold the classes) that is available to you.

    6. A waiting room adjacent to the main classroom is available. Please leave it clean.

  • St Ann Catholic Church

    1. Children are not to be left unattended outside of the classroom.

    2. Children must not run inside the building

    3. No one is allowed to use the playground area outside of the back door

    4. A cry room is available for mothers in the church.

Termination of contract

Violating any of the above rules is considered a breech of contract, and nJoy Science reserves the right to terminate the contract should we feel the need to do so. This is a rare event, and we do so reluctantly because our goal is to serve you. If there is a severe violation of the rules, or if there is a refusal to cooperate in resolving an issue, or a failure to produce appropriate results, this is considered sufficient grounds for nJoy Science to pursue your student's dismissal from the class. We prefer to work through issues with you and to help you train up your children in the way that they should go. However, sometimes discipline has to be enforced for the benefit of the class or the host location. When there is a dismissal, we reserve the right to withhold a refund should we feel that is necessary. Having said that, we hope we never have to visit this area in our relationship with you. We are here to serve you as Christians.

Requests to withdraw and refunds

Please see the payment page for details.

Application process

We require applicants to submit an on-line application form. This form will be reviewed typically within a week of it being submitted and the applicant notified of the next step. We will only reserve seats when full payment has been received. One the application has been approved and full payment received information concerning the class and schedule will be made available. We require a student photo, and will be available at orientation day to take student photos.

Changes to these rules
Since these rules are publicly posted, if we revise them, we expect the revisions to be observed.


We respect your confidence in us and do not share your information with others (with the exception that the host location may need to know who is on their premises in case of emmergencies). We do not send out mass announcements to our customers on behalf of others. In short, your contact information is only used for our business relationship with you. If you pay online, Paypal does not disclose your banking details to us.